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3/6 is Arin! Arin’s my favorite grump and v important to me and I hope I did him justice


Happy 25th birthday to Ray Narvaez Jr. !!!! 

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rt + friends [original]

i just spend actual time taking the semeuke quiz and finding this out this is literally something i put effort into finding out

i dont really like fics either. i just like, in my head write dumb little tales and i use these people to play them out. it's like im a director and theyre my actors more than its like im writing a fan fiction and theres never pairings i make them super heroes or i make them serfs or sometimes i rewrite a show and throw in an extra character and it just freaks people out and i always feel guilty for doing this to help fall asleep but is all i know to do

(i got your other ask but i’m not gonna paste it here for u ok, friend??? <33)

i prefer fics for like anima nah mean and like fluff?? nothing intense-intense bc like i said i get weirded out sometimes and i don’t wanna get oVERWHELMED but like ??

but like ????? i could get your friend overreacting bc like??? you were makin people make out or something nsfw but seriously you’re just making up cute little aus like??? superheros or highschool au and you’re obv not abusing your powers of imagination here you’re just !! having fun like i do that too

i love aus i love love love it’s so need envisioning characters doing something they wouldn’t regularly be doing and in character and not weird or out of place but like “what if” and it’s kinda fun to mess around with since you have a character already and only have to apply your own judgement for like their reactions rather than their personality, ya know?? it’s way easier :000

i think you’re perfectly fine and you’re friend kinda??? overreacted that’s odd

sometimes i worry about how creepy i am because i have extreme insomnia and to pass the time without going insane i like to lay down and just write stories in my head but im bad at characters so i use people from my life and this sometimes includes celebrities but like i'd never actually write these weird little not-fanfics i think of or act upon anything that happens and theyre generally PG but I told someone this once and it freaked them out

i mean i’m assuming the person you told wasn’t someone who reads or is into fics, ya know?? it’s just not some people’s cup of tea!! i mean sometimes it even weirds me out thinkin’ ‘bout ships but like !! i remember it’s harmless (well, when i do it, anyways!) and just a fun little thing to do as long as the people are ok with it (like how the rt guys (for the most part) don’t care) and that’s kinda nice !!!

but like by no means are you??? unusual for that i literally had a dream yesterday i kissed one of my friends that weirded ME OUT like it’s somebody i KNOW that’s so WEIRD i couldn’t deal w/ it but nah like??? that’s not weird that’s p normal i would think??? don’t worry about it, you’re totally fine !!!!

(and you’re friend wasn’t overreacting either, it’s just a preference! it just so happens you guys disagree a bit and if it helps you sleep, that’s nice!)



i really wanna practice making gifs, so send me two things to choose from and i’ll pick one to make a gif from !!!!